Bridge Components


Across the United States, many of our highway bridges are old and in critical need of repair or replacement. The challenge is how to modernize these bridges efficiently and minimize the construction time needed to complete and return the bridge to service. Precast concrete bridge components are the answer.

Precast/prestressed bridge components cut construction time in half because bridge components are delivered to the job site ready to install.

CPS’s precast/prestressed concrete bridge products are manufactured to your job specifications in a controlled environment, under a roof and protected from the weather. With these advantages, we will meet your scheduling demands.

Another CPS advantage is our location. We can ship your precast/prestressed bridge components by using the most cost effective transportation method; truck, barge or rail. You select the method best suited for your job site deliveries.

Manufactured to your specifications, CPS offers a complete line of marine precast/prestressed concrete products.

  • Prestressed Bulb Tee Bridge Beams
  • Segmental Bridge Systems
  • Cored and Solid Bridge Slabs
  • NEXT Beams
  • Prestressed Box Beams
  • Precast/Prestressed Deck Slabs

Add link to CPS Girder form PDF. CPS has cast and delivered beams up to 182’ long. We are currently casting on 10 girder beds between both plants and have manufactured thousands of girders. See PDF for list of current forms.

CPS can cast your segmental design. We are currently casting segments for the Bonner Bridge in North Carolina.

CPS can cast any size slab required for your needs.

The NEXT beams is a great option on design build projects. We used the NEXT beam on the extension of the Logan Airport runway project.

CPS has successfully completed multiple box beam projects.

CPS has multiple beds and can cast any size panel required.

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